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If you are looking for great purple products for your home, office, homeschool or for gifts, why not purchase them through our affiliate links and support For the Love of  You’re going to purchase them anyway and we’d appreciate the support.  And, yes, we receive a small percentage even if the products you purchase aren’t purple!  Click the pictures to enter each store site.


Our Cafe Press Purple Store:


Tshirts, sweatshirts, baby items, caps, totes, ornaments, teddy bear, pet bowls, mugs, apron, pillow, mousepad, clock, water bottle, travel mug, coasters, note cards and more!  All with purple designs!

Here are some examples of things you’ll find in our Cafe Press Purple Store.  Click on the pictures to see details of each item.  Click on the link above or the logo to the left to get to our Cafe Press For the Love of Purple Store front.





A Purple Gift for Every Occasion


Our Purple Greeting Card Universe Store:


Walmart USA, LLC

Walmart has tons of “purple stuff” for your home and office!

To locate all Walmart’s Purple Products, click the banner.  On the top of the Walmart page there is a search bar.  Change first drop down menu to “Entire Site” and then type in “Purple” and click “Find.” Walmart has about ten pages of purple items.

Walmart purple items include: laptops, cameras, iPods, vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, baby bouncers, desks, chairs, rugs, bedding, bike, curtains, bean bag chairs, plastic bins, playhouses, plastic dinnerware sets, picture frames, computer mice, pillows, glasses, kitchen ware, bags, books shoes, cell phones, towels, refrigerators, clothes, make up, flash drives, etc!


Office Depot

Hot Offers

Office Depot has some wonderful “Purple Stuff” for your office or homeschool!

To locate Office Depot’s purple products, click the link and type in “purple” in the search box.  Office Depot has approximately 10 pages of purple items for the office including: folders, pens, pencils, computer mice, glue sticks, sticky notes, mouse pads, correction tape, stickies, etc…


Coming Soon: eBooks/Audios!

Purple-izing for Pennies

The Purple Lover’s Survival Guide

The Purple Lover’s Handbook

Purple Recipe Book

Purple-ized Nursery Rhymes

The Purple Project


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More recommended purple products coming soon!

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