A day in the life of a purple freak

For those less purple freaky than I, I thought you might want to take a peek into the extremes a purple freak will go for her purple passion.

I awake each morning at 4am as I have insomnia.  I guess the visions of sugar plums dance in my head and bounce off my brain!  I uncover myself from the purple sheets and head toward the master bath adorned with purple towels and purple bath mats/rugs.  I brush my teeth with my purple toothbrush and head to my office where I take a purple pen from my purple plastic pen cup.  I read my purple devotional and am ready to start my purple day.

After working on my purple sites, I head downstairs and eat breakfast as I sit on my plum and grey couch catching the tail end of the Jewelry Channel because they have an Amethyst collection!  (big sigh)

After making my dh’s lunch and cleaning up the sink of dishes I head back upstairs to get dressed for the day. Wearing my purple shirt and matching purple shoes and purple purse with a purple hair “thingy” I head out to take my son to the field trip. I put on purple eyeshaddow and purple lipstick, but alas no purple blush. Before leaving the driveway, I turn on my purple phone in case my dh get’s a purple conniption because he can’t reach me!  lol

After the field trip, we come home for a light snack of plums and assorted purple berries folded into whipped cream.  By this time it’s my favorite time of day when I get to think up something new and exciting for dinner.  I run back and forth between putting the last finishing touches on the purple cover of my newest eBook and using my purple cutting board and purple plastic scraping spatula to make dinner.

After dinner we sit together as a family on the plum couch and watch a funny movie until we are tickled purple!  At which time my son marches off to get ready for bed.  I run upstairs to change into something more comfortable…like purple PJs and finish up some purple designs for the purple store.

I look up at my dd’s room standing empty while she is away at college and ponder how deep a shade of purple those curtains are in her room and how well they go with the green paint on the walls.

We spend time together, my dh and I, before going up to our purple bed.  I stop by the office one last time to turn sound off on the computer and to notice that the purple flowers on the bushes outside are closed up for the night.  I struggle to keep my eyes open as it is already 11:30pm according to the clock on my purple desk top on my computer.

Lavender dreams…and have a GRAPE night!

Tell us about your purple day!