Another Bleach Pen Craft

I had such a hard time deciding what craft to do for you this week.  I started several of them and kept vacillating back and forth.  So I’m sorry this is late. I usually post this early in the morning.

After I bought the Clorox Bleach Pen, I just fell in love with bleach pen crafts.  I had this purple shirt that was rather plain.  It also was too warm to wear in the summer and too cool to wear in the winter.  It is 3/4 sleeves.  So I decided to bleach it!  Here it is before.  I’m not sure why it appears to have lines on it.  Might be the camera or reflection from the blinds.

I just took my bleach pen and began making swirlies all over it.  It was fun!  I left it on til it dried and then rinsed it off and let it dry.  I also decided to cut off the sleeves.  I left a wee bit around them as it has a sculptured look, but I can sew them up or cut them off entirely later on if I want.  What do you think?

Have a GRAPE Day!