Grape Recipe Recap: Share Yours!

Over the two years I’ve been posting here at For the Love of, I have made some fairly simply purple food.  After all, cooking really isn’t my expertise.

I’ve done a purple ice cream soda, a summer grape ice pop, and even a grape tuna salad.  There were purple pancakes, a purple milk freeze, and even a purple brain jello mold.  I once posted a purple plum pudding recipe though  I never did get around to making it.

A while back, I made grape jelly chicken which is probably the most creative purple food I’ve ever cooked.  It’s been a while since I had a purple recipe and I’m getting in the mood to cook.  I made something the other day that my entire family loved, but it wasn’t purple.  So…

Anyone have any grape purple recipes to pass on?  Do share and have a grape day.