Eating Purple for your health!

A recent article says:

The newest superfood: How a purple potato helps lower blood pressure and doesn’t make you put on weight.”

“Health-conscious cooks could soon be serving up a new superfood – the purple potato.

Provided it is cooked without fat, it has been proved to reduce blood pressure and doesn’t even make you put on weight.

The deep colour of the Purple Majesty variety comes from the same compounds found in blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, red cabbage and aubergines.

U.S. researchers found that when eaten by overweight patients with high blood pressure, it was as effective as porridge oats in lowering their reading.”

The more I search, the more I find the health benefits of Eating Purple!  Apparently it’s not the same of any other color food.  It’s the color of the food that contains the nutrients that are so beneficial to our bodies.  How grape!
Have a GRAPE Day!