From Pink to Purple with Spots on Top

I had a light pink sweatshirt that I hardly wore.  I decided to see if I could dye it purple and add a little pizazz!   Here is the pink sweatshirt before I dyed it:

PinkPurple Sweatshirt spots 002

I soaked it in purple Rit Dye, then left the bottom and bottom sleeves in the dye for a while for a fade effect.  Then I sprayed some purple Tulip Fabric Paint Spray front and back to give it a purple spotted look.  When I was done, it looked wonderful, except I noticed that the buttons were still pink!  So I decided to paint on a little purple spray paint and accent it with a little silver glitter puff paint to take the pink look out a bit.  Here it is in all it’s purple splendor:

Purple sweatshirt take 2 003

Detail on the buttons:

PinkPurple Sweatshirt spots 015

Have a GRAPE Day!