Gain Lavender Dishwashing Liquid

I usually buy dishwashing liquid in bulk so I don’t have to put it in the dispenser too often.  I have a dispenser built into my kitchen sink and it’s hard to see, if you’re only 5′ nuthin’, exactly how much to fill it so that it doesn’t overflow when you put the pump back in.

I bought Ultra Gain Lavender Dish liquid WEEKS ago and forgot all about it until I FINALLY had to refill my dispenser.

When I opened it up to squeeze it into the dispenser, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it smelled HEAVENLY!

It’s a lovely shade of purple, too, and it makes the entire kitchen smell just grape as I do the dishes three times a day or MORE!

It works just as well as any other dish liquid I’ve used.  I don’t notice my dishes any cleaner but I also don’t notice them any worse.

The real benefit is the fact that it looks and smells purple-icious!

I’ve been very happy with the recent products I have reviewed that have a lovely lavender scent that not only smells grape, but lasts a long time, too.  Remember my review of Swiffer Dust and Shine’s lavender scented furniture polish?

I’ve had  blast the past several weeks reviewing all these lavender scented products.  I hope you’ve had a good time reading about them.  Have any of you tried any of the products I’ve recommended?  Anyone know to avoid a bad one that I’ve reported on?  I’d love to hear how I have helped.  Please share and have a grape day!