Grape Fun

Grape Fun

I decided to begin writing over here again. It’ll probably be just once a month or so, but it will be something I’m calling Grape Fun.  Each month, I’ll share something purple that I’m doing.  Just about everything I do is purple so there’s a lot of stuff to draw from.

So this month, January 2018, I’m sharing a new product line we have going on Amazon.  It’s Grape Fun because it’s part of my Grape Stuff Family of Products.

I haven’t yet convinced my dh to carry a purple mug, but I did arrange for the two we have to be encased in dark purple crinkle paper and the logo for our MugXpressions is purple too.  Check it out:

In fact, you can get 25% off with these coupons.  I’ll let you know when we get a purple mug or a purple saying.  In the meantime, check them out on our Amazon storefront.


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