Grape Stompin’ Lucy Watch!

As some of you know, I LOVE Lucy!  My dd and I used to take our lunch break to watch an hour of Lucy when I homeschooled her.  I still watch Lucy with my son and we watch a Lucy DVD at lunch.  When my dd went off to college, she bought me a Vitametavegamin Purse and she bought me a season on DVD for Mother’s Day.  And now, I have a grape addition to the collection.

My dear friend, Carla, bought me this purple I Love Lucy watch with a scene on it that is befitting a true purple lover:  The Grape Stomping Scene where Lucy tries to soak up some local color before being cast in a movie.  One of my favorite Lucy shows and it’s commemorated on this perfect watch.

The band is deep purple (my favorite kind!) with a deep purple face and big numbers.  Perfect for the “Bifocally Challenged!” It came in a green and PURPLE round decorative box with a purple bow on top–which I currently have on display atop my bookshelf.

A truly unique and precious gift of the purple persuasion!  You all should get one!  Thanks Carla!

Have a Grape Stompin’ Day!