GRAPE Summer Recipe

Another rather simplistic recipe, but one that is scrumptious in the heat of the summer!

If you are a Facebook or Twitter friend, you know that it’s been HOT here in “ARIDzona” the last few days.  I posted that we just had a thermometer installed at our house.   Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that it gets direct sunlight in the afternoons.  The other day it recorded the high of the day at 139.1 degrees!  ROFL  I think it had a purple fit!

So if you are heating up where you live, even if it isn’t 139.1 degrees (ha ha ha), you will love this week’s purple recipe!

Grape Ice Pops!


1 bottle of purple grape juice

Ice cube tray, plastic wrap and tooth picks or an Ice Pop Tray


Pour grape juice about 3/4 of the way to the top of each ice cube or ice pop well.

If you have an ice cube tray, wrap some plastic wrap on top and stick toothpicks through the top of each one.

If you have an ice pop tray, put the ice pop handles on each well.

Freeze for several hours

Enjoy and have a GRAPE Day!