Happy Purple Anniversary Contest-Part2!

Today is part two of For the Love of Purple.com’s one-year anniversary contest!  If you have not done part 1, go back and post your answers there as well!

In honor of For the Love of Purple.com being one year old yesterday, I decided to have some purple fun and hand out a purple prize!  Contestants need to post as many purple items as you can find in your house that start with the various letters of the alphabet.  Monday was part 1, A-M.  Today is part 2, N-Z.

You can only list one purple item per letter.  The one with the most purple things listed will be our winner.  If we have a tie, I’ll put the names in a hat and have my son choose the winner.  Our Purple Winner will receive a copy of my latest purple eBook, the first in my new series of illustrated JoJoisms.

So…name all the purple items in your house that begin with the letters N-Z and have a GRAPE day!