In case you find a purple toilet on your lawn…

According to this El Defensor Cheiftain article,  if you live in Socorro, New Mexico, you just might find a purple toilet on your lawn!  Why?  The SHS Interact Club at Socorro High School is trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  Just how a purple toilet helps cancer awareness is anyone’s guess, but it’s a purple story and I’m reporting on it!  lol

The group will be delivering two purple toilets around town during the month of March.  If you find it on your lawn, you have to call them to have it removed.  For that privilege you pay, $10.  For $15 you can have it delivered to someone you know (and presumably don’t like very much?).  For an additional $5, you can have it delivered and remain anonymous.

Now I’m all for a fun charity event, but this doesn’t seem like a grape idea to ME!  What if you don’t want to pay to remove it?  Well, you are fined!  Yup!  $5 for every day it sits on your lawn in all its purple glory!

Now on the off chance that someone reading this blog actually lives in Socorro, New Mexico and finds an anonymous purple toilet on their front lawn, let me just be clear…It wasn’t me!

Have a GRAPE purple toilet free lawn…ah, day!