Introducing: Purple Story Go Round!

purple dressI’m introducing a new feature to the blog that I hope will put you all in a creative mood and I pray you will all participate.  I call it Purple Story Go Round.  I’ve actually done this before and it was a LOT of fun.  Here’s how it works:

Each month, I’m going to announce a theme for our monthly purple story.  This month’s theme is Father’s Day.   Then I’ll start the story off here.  The idea is for you, the reader, to contribute to the story, by adding to it in a comment.  Then the next person will continue the story adding their comment and so on and so on.  You should be able to read the entire story by reading the comments in order.  Make the story as grape as you can by using as many purple references and the sillier it is, the better! 

Here we go…

Once upon a time, there lived a father and his three daughters.  They all lived out in the woods in a lavender house covered in grape vines.  One afternoon when the lavender was in bloom, his eldest daughter, Violet, set out to gather up a bouquet.  She was gone for three hours when her sister, Mauva, began to get worried.

Mauva was only half way to Lavender Hill when… 

Continue the story by posting it in a comment.  For best story results, please read the previous comments so you know what has happened to the characters up til you joined the story.  Your installment may be as short or as long as you desire and you may come back as often as you like and add to the story.  It will continue all month.  Next month will be a new topic and a new story line.

Thanks for participating, happy Father’s Day and have a grape day!