My husband bought me some purple Listerine.  First we bought the Total Care you see on the left.  It’s actually more purple and is actually Icy Mint flavored.  The second is called Fresh Mint.

They are both claim the same six benefits. They both taste good and they both work well.  Can you tell the problem with one of them?

Take a close look at the smaller bottle of Fresh Mint on the right.  That white stuff you see all around the cap and a bit on the top of the bottle, is dried residue.

I have no idea why, but the Fresh Mint flavor dries up and practically GLUES the cap to the bottle!  I actually broke a nail trying to get it off once!

They both seem to have the same ingredients and both are the same brand.  Why, then is one consistently gluing the cap on itself and the other is like all the other bottles of Listerine we’ve ever tried.

No other brand or flavor of mouthwash has ever done this.  I can’t figure it out.  However, since the Icy Mint is darker purple, I’m more inclined to purchase this one when we run out…and it looks like we are just about there!  What say you, purple lovers?  Ever try this flavor?  What’s your experience?  I give the Fresh Mint flavor at least one purple thumb’s down!

Have a GRAPE Day!