My Grape CHRISTmas. How was yours?

I received the grapest gifts this CHRISTmas!

My college girl gave me a gorgeous necklace of hand rolled paper beads and luxurious deep purple stocking.  The necklace was purchased through a special link on Amazon where a portion of the proceeds go to help her friend and his wife adopt a child from the Congo.  Here’s the link to their blogsite that shares about their adoption.  There is an Amazon box on the top right side in case you need to purchase something from Amazon. You don’t pay anything extra, but a portion is donated toward their cause to give a child a good home.

The umbrella was in my stocking this year.  Living in the desert, there isn’t much rain so when my lavender umbrella broke about four years ago, I never bought a new one.  Mostly it rains at night.  Yes, we have very kind rain clouds here in ARIDzona.  However, it was cloudy for about two weeks and did rain one day so it’s nice to have an umbrella just in case I need one.  And what better color than purple?  LOL

The beautiful cross with the amathyst stone is from my dear friend, Carla from GhostWriteHer.   What a precious gift to remind me of Jesus.   It’s so delicate and the stone is perfect.  After all, purple is the color of royalty!

The purple snowflake ornament was on the gift my mom gave me as a decoration.  It’s sparkly and such a gorgeous deep purple hue!

What grape stuff did you get for CHRISTmas this year?  Share and have a GRAPE day!

NOTE: Okay…see anything in this post that answers the question from Monday’s post?