My purple birthday

I turned 47 last Tuesday.  Not that every year isn’t a purple birthday but this year was exceptionally so.  It was so especially if you consider the word ‘purple’ to be an adjective used to mean ‘spectacular’ as I do!

I awoke at my usual 3am, went to the computer and continued work on my first ever purple eBook that I am tentatively calling ‘Purple-izing for Pennies’.  It’s coming right along too and I hope to have it out soon!  My son woke up next at about 6:15am and was the first to wish me a happy birthday followed by my dh before he left for work.  My college girl called me from Vanderbilt at about 8:30am to wish her purple mom a happy purple birthday and we talked on my purple phone for a while.  Cell phone to purple cell phone is free minutes!!  My mom called me about a half hour later and then my aunt followed by various relatives and friends during the day!

I must have received 7 or 8 PAGES of birthday wishes on my Facebook page alone that day!  And I had several email me too with eCards and eFlowers and even an ePoem!

purple birthday 004Later that day, after homeschooling my son, I went over to my mom’s for lunch.  She had a purple gift bag with purple tissue paper and inside a gorgeous purple sweater, purple short sleeved shirt with matching purple zip-up sweatshirt.  She also gave me some purple gel pens and purple scouring pads!!

My dh called me from work to say he was getting out early, not to make dinner and that he was taking me out.  I got home in time to receive another phone call from him with a change of plans.  HE was cooking ME dinner!!  He had gone to the store to get all the fixins for Seafood Medley and HE was even going to do the dishes!!!

He did have to call up to me several times to ask how to preheat the oven and where the pots were (See my other blog for the post on the hilarious yet sweet dinner he made for me!)  What you should know is that he served it to me on our good dishes which just happen to be PURPLE!

He gave me a purple atomizer with lilac scented room spray which I promptly sprayed on all our faux purple flowers that sit in all our purple vases all over the house!

It was a lovely purple day!  I love my purple life!!

Did you have a purple birthday?  Tell us about it and have a GRAPE day!