My Purple-ized Family Room

This week I want to show you how I purple-ized my family room.  I actually went so far as to buy a gray and plum couch!  However, I have several other accents that are very inexpensive that add some lovely purple touches to the room.

1. The throw in the foreground was a very inexpensive buy found at Walmart.  (I think they still  have these on sale. Don’t forget that you can order any item online through our affiliate link.  You pay the same low rate you would and we get a small percentage to help cover the cost of the website.  And thanks again for your support!)

2. The coasters on the coffee table are clear plastic but allow you to insert those small paper party napkins.  I purchased some with purple grapes on them! They are great for soaking up the condensation on the cold glasses too!

3. In the center of the coffee table is a Thomas Kinkaide music box with purple accents inside.  Again, this is not an inexpensive item, but you can find any number of wonderfully purple items with which to decorate your coffee table.

4. What you can’t see from this picture are the coasters on the other coffee table where the candles are.  Those are fabric heart shaped coasters with purple grapes on them.

5. On the mantle is a little ceramic purple church and on the left side off camera is a small purple glass vase.

6.  Another purple item you cannot see from the picture is over behind the furthest couch.   There is a basket of throws most of which are purple or accented with purple hues.

There are many ways to purple-ly accessorize your family room on a budget.  Just get a little creative and your family room will be PLUMbody in no time!

Have a GRAPE Day!