Some may like pink or blue or yellow or red, but purple people LOVE purple!

Some may like pink or blue or yellow or red, but purple people LOVE purple!

Purple Computer Framed Art

Some of you are a work at home moms or run a small business from home of some sort so I just HAD to show you this!  In my day job, I’m a speaker and an author on the topic of speech communication skills.  My purple passion knows no bounds, so all of the covers I design for my communication studies and my website and blog is …you guessed it… PURPLE!  I started Art of Eloquence almost 8 years ago and as I was preparing to plan my 8th Birthday Bash event for this November, I found these:

I thought this idea might help some of you either to decorate your office with more purple or to design a nice purple framed business art for your office.  You can also use this idea to decorate your home too!

It’s really very easy to do, but you do need a color printer which I no longer have so that is why I haven’t created a new one for you to view.  But this was such fun and is a GRAPE project, that I thought I’d use an old example to give you new ideas!

I use Printmaster software to create these in my computer, but you could use your own program or even Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.  On a purple background, add some of the pictures and text you want then print it out.  Buy an inexpensive but solid frame.  I got mine at Target, but Walmart or even any 99 cent store might have it!  Don’t get a plastic frame or one of those cheap imitation metal frames or it will end up looking cheap.  These frames were only a few dollars but they are pretty heavy and look spiffy!

I’d love for you all to post a link to your own computer framed purple art project!  Post a comment here with the link either to your blog or your picture.

Have a GRAPE Day!