Purple Heart Mug

A long time ago, I purchased a few inexpensive plain white coffee mugs to use for crafts..  I had one left.  It sat in my craft basket for a long time waiting for someone to notice it.  It was lonely.  🙁   It needed some heart…some purple hearts…

Purple Heart Mug2 002

Materials Needed:

White ceramic coffee mug

Purple glitter puff paint


Hold the puff paint bottle close to the mug and squeeze a bit of paint to one side and then to the other.  This makes a heart shape.  Make hearts of various sizes in a random pattern all over the mug.  Keep the very top fairly clear of puff paint for ease of sipping.  Don’t put puff paints on handle.


Do not put puff painted mug in dishwasher or microwave.  In my experience, once once the puff paints dry thoroughly a few days, it works well with hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Have a purple-hearted day!