Why Purple Lovers are Different

Why Purple Lovers are Different

Hi Purple Peeps!

I’ve been a busy bee this week. I’ve redone a few of our websites and this is one of ’em! It was long overdue and in need of attention. Many of the links no longer worked and the theme was so outdated.

For the Love of Purple is now a member of the Grape Stuff Network of Family Sites!  The Grape Stuff websites are all different, but they all have one thing in common.  They’re all PURPLE! LOL

I was talking to my mom yesterday when we got into this purple discussion about why I love purple so much and how long it’s been.  I’ve loved it since I was two weeks old my mom tells me.  We talked about how purple lovers are more passionate about their favorite color than it seems others are about other colors.  I’ve always said that people who like other colors tend to have at least some clothing in that color…maybe a wallet or notebooks, an iPhone cover…But purple people LOVE purple!

That’s me <— Yes, I’m wearing a purple sweater blouse, a purple necklace and earrings (you can’t see in the picture).  My glasses are even plum colored.

I don’t know why it is for sure, but I have my theories.  See, when I was a kid, my favorite color was purple.  My sister’s was red.  My mom’s was pink.  Just about anything article of clothing came in pink or red or blue or yellow, but NOTHING came in purple!  Was it like that for you?  It was a great source of discouragement for me.

My grandmother went to several stores to buy me a purple dress, but all she could find was a white dress with lavender tiny flowers.  Most often, she gave me blue because “it’s close to purple.”  NOT IN MY OPINION!

No color was like purple!  I didn’t even care what shade of purple it was as long as it was purple.

As the years went by, we now find that many things come in purple–even appliances, dishes, eye glasses, and there is even hair dye!

Now when I need something, I always look to see if it comes in purple.  If not, I don’t think I really need it.  I have even purchased things I didn’t really need just because it came in purple (and was fairly inexpensive).  My friends and family even send me things that are purple.  My dad once sent me a big purple paper clip!  My sister sent me a purple tape measure that was sent to her by accident and she couldn’t return it. So now, yes, it’s an obsession.  It’s a passion.

I passionately redecorated the site after many years of leaving it dormant.  AND I’ll be adding a purple product soon.  😀   Whatcha think?