Purple-ized Danskin Thingie

I have two Danskin onsie things.  Not sure what you call them, but here is a picture of the one that ISN’T purple:

Grey Danskin

I’ve had these for years and I’d NEVER wear them because they are so form fitting and revealing.  I would, however, wear it if it were a shirt and, of course, if it were PURPLE!

So…I cut off the shorts part and used some fabric glue to attach alternating purple and clear jewels around the neckline.  I dropped the purple one in the middle slightly to resemble a necklace. Here is a closeup of the jewel-work:

Project1 012

And here it is on. I had to take my own picture. lol  What do you think?

purple jewel craft

Have a GRAPE day!