Purple Overalls

I still haven’t found a purple fabric I like to finish last week’s “Jeans Skirt” project but I have a fun one for you this week anyway.  I’ll come back to the Jeans Skirt next week. I only have 4 more purple projects to do to finish my one year commitment!  How am I doing?

Meanwhile, back at the purple ranch…I had a pair of shorts overalls that I hardly ever wore because they weren’t …PURPLE!

So I decided to dye them so, but when I did I noticed that overalls don’t look very feminine.  So…I added a few purple feminine touches.

A little purple dye,

a few stitches in the purple bows and…overalls a purple lover could love!

For extra measure, I decided to add a touch of purple to my other jeans overalls:

Whadaya think?  Comments???

As usual, have a GRAPE Day!