Some may like pink or blue or yellow or red, but purple people LOVE purple!

Some may like pink or blue or yellow or red, but purple people LOVE purple!

Purple Pillow Case

I’m sorry if this Purple Project is a bit late today, but as some of you know, I have a thyroid problem and I ran out of my thyroid vitamins before my new ones arrived.  I was rationing them for a while (down to 1/4 dose for a wk) then totally ran out about a week ago.  I was so tired that I spent most of the last week on the couch unable to get up even to eat.

My vitamins arrived a few days ago and I’m feeling better, but still not 100%.  I have a fair amount of Fibro pain in my joints and it is still a bit difficult to breathe properly as my thyroid is enlarged again.  I also had my insomnia kick in, but a little iodine is an amazing thing and I am feeling better each day.

I have to admit that today’s Purple Project isn’t the one I had planned because I wasn’t able to get out to buy the things I needed.  However I have a nice project for you that I had forgotten to do earlier.  I had a yellowing pillow case that I never used.  It looked old and didn’t match anything I had. It was also fairly plain.  So I dressed it up a bit.  Here is the before picture:

And here is the after picture:

All I did was dye the pillow case purple. I crinkled it up in the dye so it wouldn’t dye evenly and created a random pattern.  Then I glued on purple buttons using Puff Paint in glitter silver to accent the purple color.

It’s really easy to do!  Please share a picture of this craft when you do it, or share a picture where you had attempted any of The Purple Projects so far!

Have a GRAPE Day!