(Purple) Power Prayers for Women

Before I get to this week’s Purple Product Review, I have a confession to make.  As shocking as this may sound, I didn’t wear any purple today!  There.  I said it!  Now…


April Fool!


I received this gorgeous devotional from a friend last year.  Thanks Heather!  It’s called Power Prayers for Women and, you guessed it, it’s purpleAs I was reading over it the other day, I realized, “Hey!  This is a purple product and I’ve never reviewed it!  So here goes…

The Look:

It’s an absolutely grape shade of purple with dark eggplant accents.  The cover feels more like a leather and is very soft.  The inside covers are the same grape shade and the bookmark is a light lavender satin.  The inside pages are a yellow beige with gray floral accents at the edges.  So yes, it’s just lovely to look at.

The Book:

I actually do have a confession to make.  I started reading this last year and got bogged down with work and never continued.  I was in the middle of several projects for Art of Eloquence at the time and I was already reading through the Bible so I just never went back to it. However, I am making a commitment to myself to read it through each day until the end.  I figure it’ll take me about a month to read through.

According to the Table of Contents, the topics covered are The Power of: Prayer, God’s Word, Grace and Forgiveness, a Renewed Mind, Love, Encouragement, Harmony and Hospitality, Healing and Restoration, Obedience, Contentment, Faith, Influence, Wise Stewardship, Worship, Reaching Out, Connection, Persistence, Authority, Surrender, Transformation, Christ-Centered Living, and Hope.  Sounds like a fabulous month long read, doesn’t it?  I’ll be sure to let you know.

The Introduction:

I was already hooked just reading the introduction.  It talks about the heart of a woman and how we are always  using communication for connection to others.  It introduced a notion to me that I hadn’t considered before.  Prayer is a love connection with God, but our love connection can sometimes be hindered by busy-ness and a feeling that prayer that is more of a duty than a desire.  If this is the case, we have taken all the power out of our prayer.

It also talks about how prayer is multidimensional.  It can be a time of peace or a time of struggle where we confess and find forgiveness.  It can also be a time of celebration or thankfulness or a time when we listen for His guidance.  In addition, it can be a time of where we are in such anguish that we can speak no words at all.

Each chapter contains a brief overview of an important prayer focus on things like marriage, children, friends, family, finances, fears.  At the end of the chapter is a specific prayer that can be used even as a starter prayer for you to finish with God on your own.

I really like the way this devotional is set up!  Aside from the scripture (or other quote) at the beginning of each chapter being a bit too small for this myopic bifocal wearer, it is an easy and fast read each day.

Have you thought about a purple-icous devotional?  Share and have a grape day!