Purple Product Reveiw:Mariah Carey Perfume

For Mother’ Day, my son and dh gave me a bottle of Mariah Carey perfume.  The box, as you can see, and the bottle are both purple!  A fine start to a delightfully smelling perfume, if I do say so!

Though the color of the box and bottle aren’t always an indicator of the scent, I was pleasantly surprise to find that I LOVE the scent!  It’s rather powdery and soft, which I love.

Unfortunately, the spritzer (that’s what I call the pump spray) had a wee bit of a problem.  A few days into its use, I found that the spritzer got stuck in the cap and was broken beyond repair.  We brought it back and were able to exchange it, but I’m a bit leery of putting the cap back on all the way.  I don’t think the cap quite fits the spritzer.

Another issue I have with it is the size. I’m not sure if it comes in a bigger size, but this one is teensy tiny…and, while it wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t all that cheap!

Over all, I’d give it a tentative thumbs up, but buyer beware!  If you like it, you’ll have to buy more pretty quick and whatever you do, DON’T put the cap back on!

Have a GRAPE Day!