Purple Visual JoJoisms

So I was fiddling around with my PrintMaster program the other day as I was working on some things for the upcoming Art of Eloquence Birthday Bash.  It suddenly came to me that I could use the JoJoisms I have written in a new and fun way.  I call them Visual JoJoisms.

Here is the logo I created.  Most of my JoJoisms are humorous and I have a few of them that are, well…purple.

I got a bit caught up in it, I have to say, and I created a few more of them than I had thought I was going to because I was, ask they say, on a roll.  Here’s one I created for my purple friends.  I think it’s pretty grape, myself!

This is my newest JoJoism and one I believe should be shared with other purple lovers everywhere!  Spread the purple, won’t you?   And have a GRAPE day!