Purple Product Review: FunkyKuffs

So the other day, my mom and I were having fun at one of our Craft Fairs we attend regularly and found the FunkyKuffs booth.  Being a mom and an avowed NONsewer, I fell in love with this product!  The idea is simple and the applications are endless!

Are your pants too long?  Don’t want to hem them?  Add FunkyKuffs!

Want to decorate your clothes a bit, but you don’t want it permanent?  Add FunkyKuffs!

My pants are ALWAYS too long!  I hate to sew…so…I never do. I let them drag on the floor and this is what happens to the ends!  But two seconds later with FunkyKuffs and they look perfect and they are just the right size! I was even able to accent my jean top in the same way!  AND I can use these over and over again with other clothes to decorate or hem as I please!

While I was at the Craft Fair, I met the owner of FunkyKuffs, Kathy Zeger, and she is a doll!  She explained all about how they work and told me that her product has even been on TV!  I think she really does have the next big million dollar idea!  Check it out!

Now I have to say that I totally disagree with the target market.  I think the tweens MAY be a little too picky and not think they are cool, but I know the young kids will love them and I love them for ME!  Kathy will even make custom packages for you so you can get them all in PUPRLE like I did!  FunkyKuffs are a great way to decorate your kids clothes but also a fun way to decorate YOURS!

You can put them on your jeans either to hem them or just for decoration. You can even put them on your shirts and anything else you’d like to make a bit more fun and funky!  They are reusable and safe because they have a little rubber end that caps off the inside end.

I simply adore this product and just love that they come in various colors and styles!  FunkyKuffs gets two Purple Thumbs Up from For the Love of Purple.com!

Stop by FunkyKuffs and tell Kathy hello for me!  And have a GRAPE Day!