Purple Product Review: Grapevine Studies

What could be better than a company called Grapevine Studies?  Isn’t that just grape?  As you can see from their banner, they have a bunch of purple grapes in their logo.  Their website is a wonderful shade of dark purple and many of their studies have purple titles!  What could be better?

Well, what’s better is that Grapevine Studies helps parents and homeschoolers teach Bible to kids of all ages in a fun and creative way.  I’m going to be doing two of their studies this year with my son.  The first one is on Biblical Feasts and Holy Days.

At first glance, I loved the layout. It’s simple by giving you a good overview of the topics to be studied: Sabbath, Purim, Passover, and the feasts of Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Weeks, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles.  After a nice overview, each lesson takes one of the feasts and gives you a more in depth study including many Bible verses and one Bible memory verse.

This is a multi level study for kids 7 and up.  The younger kids can “Stick Figure” their way through the Bible while the older ones like my son will enjoy the in depth scriptures and background information on Bible terms and words.  My son and I can hardly wait to start this study.  We’ll be doing a few lessons a week and then we’re excited to begin Grapvine Studies’ Old Testament Overview.  I’ll be sharing my impressions of that study in a week or so.  Then, after we have worked through these studies, I’m going to come back and give you a more in depth review of the curricula.

Grapevine Studies has a bunch of fabulous Bible studies for kids of all ages.  Check out their website for some sample lessons and make sure to sign up for their newsletter!