Purple Product Review-Purple Camera

It’s the size of a credit card and not too much thicker!  It’s my Christmas present from my dear friend Carla!  It’s a purple Kodak Mini HD Video Camera!

It’s designed to take pictures or video and it’s even waterproof!  It’s even so simple to use this Techno Idiot can do it!  It doesn’t even require cables. It plugs right into my computer to upload the pictures or charge the battery.

It’s a grape little camera too, because it’ll allow me to easily upload videos to YouTube.  I haven’t used this part yet, but it has a built in software that allows you to edit your videos too!

And…it comes with a user guide that was actually written by English speaking people who know how to explain things!  I usually have a tough time making heads or tails out of techno manuals, but this has pictures, diagrams and everything!

So far, I’ve taken a short video of something nobody’d really want to see and hundreds of pictures that I’ve uploaded and sent over email and posted on Facebook.

You might remember the picture I posted on my personal wall a few days ago when it SNOWED here in ARIDzona: Five days after Christmas when we had the AC on all day because it was 80 degrees in the HOUSE!  The picture came out wonderfully!  I didn’t think it would be able to capture the minuscule snowballs that fell from the sky, but as you can see, it did a grape job:

It weighs nothing so it’s easy to take with me in my purple purse in case I come across another unusual event like flying pigs or something!

Have a grape day!