Donny Osmond, Eat Your Heart Out!

It’s time for this week’s Purple Product Review, but I don’t have any other purple products to review.  A few are on the way, but in the meantime, I have a purple birthday gift that was super fantastic.  Though the crafter doesn’t make them for sale, she is one of my bestest best buddies, my editor and a regular here at!  I just had to show you these!

Carla made these wool socks for me with her own widdle hands!  Can you believe the workmanship in these?  They are gorgeous!!

I had a hard time getting the picture to come out so that they were their true color.  The flash kept making it look lavender, but they are an ever so slightly reddish, deep, dark purple color!  I played a bit with the color settings and, though the background carpet is more pink than it actually is, the socks are just about their true color.   Beautiful, aren’t they?

These socks she makes are special indeed. They are 75% wool/25% nylon which gives the wool strength.  These are meant to be put in the dryer, so. . . you can put them in the washer, too.   Look at all the care she took with these little socks.

Carla says,  “I gave them a swish in some strawberry shampoo, rinsed them out and then gave them a bath in strawberry HAIR conditioner.  Then I squeezed out most of the water, rolled them in a towel and popped them into the dryer for an hour or so.”

She doesn’t make them for for sale as she uses imported sock yarn.  This one came from Norway!   Carla says her knit socks are a labor of love and take about 10-15 hours of time.

Normally I would give you a link where you would be able to see more products produced by the company.  Since Carla doesn’t make a living with her incredible knitting abilities, I’ll give you a link where you can check out more about her.  Carla has a website for work at home moms called The Reluctant Wahm which has a fun Facebook fan page too.   Carla has several facets of services for the work at home mom.  Among these are editing, proofing and ad writing services.  She is launching a new service soon too, Ghost Writing.  Her main business site is undergoing some changes right now but you can find it here, A Word Aptly!  Check her out.

Thank you, Carla, for all the blessings you provide to me for Art of Eloquence and for the most gorgeous purple socks I have ever owned!  Donny Osmond, eat your heart out! ROFL

Have a GRAPE sock Day!