Purple Project: CD Pix Frame Set

I came across an internet article on how to make a picture frame from an old CD case.  I really didn’t like the finished product which used tin foil for a background and hung the CD case up with wire.  I thought it was a great idea, though and so did lots of folks ‘cuz I found several articles on the subject.  Instead of doing one that someone else made up, I thought I’d get purple-iciously creative.  Here’s what I came up with

What You’ll Need:

Five CD cases

Purple wrapping paper or gift bag or paper


Double sticky tape or wider clear tape

Scissors or paper slicer

Prepare CD cases:

For a regular CD case, you’ll need to take out the black insert that holds the Cd leaving both sides clear.

For a thin CD case just leave it alone (You can even buy them in purple!)

CD Picture Frame Pencil Holder:

Open CD cases and take out any black inserts or color inserts.

Take two matching CD cases (open) and tape (not scotch tape but stronger and thicker clear tape) each side together to form a square.  Take 3rd CD case apart and break tabs so it is a square.  Tape to the other CD cases as the bottom of the square.

Cut out two square purple pieces of wrapping paper or gift bag.  Tape your picture to the top of it using double sticky tape or wrap your tape around in a circle to form double sticky tape.  You can cut out your pictures in random shapes as I have here or leave them square.  I used one of the color inserts as a guide for sizing purposes.

Insert the purple backed pictures into the CD’s so you can see them through the clear plastic.  Insert your pens, pencils and markers directly into the CD case or put your favorite purple pencil holder inside.

CD Picture Frame Magnets

Cut out two more pictures and purple backings (background).

Tape the pictures on top of the purple backgrounds and insert them into the CD cases.

Place both CD cases face down and using clear, strong tape, tape purple gift bag handles (or any other strong purple handle material) to the back of the CDs.

Put one CD case directly on top of the other CD case face down and tape the bottom handle to the top CD case.

Take two magnets (you can use two refrigerator magnets or ones you buy in the craft store) and use double sticky tape to tape them to the back in the middle of each CD case.

Now you’re ready to hang them up on the refrigerator!

There are many other kinds of CD case picture frames.  Why not get creative and share here!  Have a GRAPE Day!