If you’re a Christian and you work at home, you just have to visit!  It’s been inspiring and connecting Christian work at home moms since 2000!  There is an incredible amount of support and information on this incredible, PURPLE site run by Jill Hart!  Here is a listing of some of the most important features you can take advantage of:

* Telecommuting Job Listings

* Information on Starting a Business

* Help for Growing Your Business

* Articles by Contributing Authors that will help you balance your life (Yep, that’s me down at the bottom where it says Communicating Well!)

* Video Devotionals for getting closer to God!

* CWAHM Radio Show!

* Plus a whole bunch more links to great stuff on the left side bar and all throughout the home page!

I’ve been visiting Jill’s CWAHM site for many years now, but just in the last several months I began working more with Jill. As I said before, I’m a Contributing Author sharing weekly articles on her blog.  I’ve also been on Jill’s show, she’s been a guest on my monthly seminars on TalkShoe. is an absolutely amazing site with grape resources for the Christian mom who works from home.  I’ve been a frequent visitor for many years and found Jill to be a fun, helpful and inspiring friend and she makes the internet a little more purple, too!

Oh, by the way, you can join her on Facebook where she also has a PURPLE fan page!

Stop by and tell her JoJo sent you!  Have a GRAPE Day!