Tide To Go Project: Epic Fail!

I found a great idea online for a project using a Tide To Go pen.  The idea works like a negative.  You bleach the areas of the garment you want to make a design of some sort.  So I started with this one piece long shorts thingie.  I’m really not sure what this is and so I’ve never worn it.  It’s a lovely shade of purple:

So I applied the Tide To Go Pen and created a design of hearts along the top of the shirt part.  If you look really close you can see that… IT DIDN”T WORK!  lol

I actually tried applying it several more times and this is what happened:

NOTHING! LOL  As my daughter would say: Epic Fail!  So I decided at least I could cut the top off the shorts to make a top I would actually wear, but …DISAPPOINTED!!

I may try it on a different fabric or use a different bleach pen.  What do you all think? Have you ever tried it before?  Did it work?

Have a GRAPE Day!