What purple item do you remember from childhood?

My mother tells a story about how long ago I adopted the color purple as my favorite. She says it all started when I was only a few months old.  We were in a long, hot car ride (no AC in those days) and I had a hard time breathing.  My face turned purple and my folks had to turn off the road to cool me off.

Apparently, once upon a time when I was two, they noticed that I had a favorite one of those plastic ring tower toys.  The one with the systematically smaller plastic stackable rings around a white plastic stick that held them all.  My favorite one was the purple ring which was the smallest ring on top.  I remember that toy and it was a very nice grape color.

I also remember the Kool Aid flavors that they used to sell in small mugs.  There were flavors like Rootin Tootin Raspberry, Jolly Olly Orange, and Choo Choo Cherry, but Goofy Grape was my favorite!  It was especially dear to me because so few items came in purple in those days!

What was your favorite purple item from childhood?  Come share and have a GRAPE Day!