When you don’t want to see purple

When is purple NOT a good color to see?  I’ll bet you never thought I’d ask that question, did you?  Well, there are times when seeing something purple isn’t a good thing. Not often, mind you, but some times.

Many of my friends on the east coast are without power after Sandy’s devistation and, baby, it’s cold outside!  I live in ARIDzona so we don’t see too many cold days, but several of my Facebook friends are saying they are turning blue and even purple from the cold! Brrrrr!!

My dad recently turned his ankle while gardening and it is a lovely shade of purple as I write this.  Poor thing. Purple ankles are painful!

If you’re mad enough to have what my mother always called, a Purple Conniption, you might not be a happy camper, either!

So did you ever have a time in your life when you weren’t happy to see something was purple?  Share and…

Have a GRAPE Day!