“Winter” in ARIDzona and no purple PJs!

The air conditioner has been off for 7 days and counting here in Phoenix, ARIDzona!  My wallet is very grapeful and it’s time to break out the “winter” wardrobe which consists of purple pants and long sleeve shirts, violet short sleeve sweeater and my purple socks knitted especially for me by a grape friend.  It’s time to put away the purple shorts and tank tops, purple flip flops and sandals.

So last weekend, I spent time playing musical clothes, moving them around my drawers so that I can find my warmer attire and I discovered something…horrifying!  I have no purple “winter” PJs!  I cut them all down last year so I had enough shorts and t’s to sleep in.  What shall I do?

I hate to buy winter PJs as it’s only cool in Phoenix for a few months out of the year.  I have a few “otherly” colored sleepware but I don’t think they’ll dye well.  What to do?  What to do?  What about you all?  Are you purple enough for winter?

Have a GRAPE Day!