Purple Product Review: Lavender SOS Pads

It’s time again for the Purple Product Review.  This week’s grape find is the box of lavender SOS pads.

They are just as grape as the regular SOS pads for removing baked on grease and grime from your pots and pans, but I do have to say that, beyond the purple and “lavender” label, I don’t find anything lavender about these lavender SOS pads.

They don’t smell lavender. The suds are still blue, but they do make me feel happier when I’m scrubbing away at the pots!  Just knowing I’m using a purple product (if in box only) is fun!

Since they don’t cost anything extra and they do just as awesome a job, I give this purple product a purple thumbs up!

What say you? Ever try them?  What do you think? and have a GRAPE Day!