What’s your purple story?

YEARS ago, when I was a few months old, my folks tell me that they were traveling across country in a car with me.  I’m getting on in years now.  They didn’t have air conditioning in the cars at that time and it was summertime.  It got overheated and my folks had to stop at a hotel to cool me down.  You see, I had turned purple and they were afraid I wasn’t breathing.

My folks have told me that story as a sort of beginning of my purple passion.  I apparently always gravitated toward purple.  As a toddler, my favorite plastic ring toss ring was the small top one that was purple.  At first they thought it was because it was the smallest one that was easy for me to hold, but later on they were convinced it was the fact that it was purple.
As I grew, I always chose the purple and was disappointed to find that many things weren’t made in purple.  Blue was not an acceptable substitute and my relatives knew that in time.

What’s your purple story?  Share it here…and have a GRAPE day!