A different kind of “What is It?”


This is the time of the week where I post a picture and you guess what purple item it is.  It could be a bird’s eye view as it was the first week or it could be a picture of only a small part of an item.

This week’s “What is It?” is of a completely different nature.  I’m actually going to post a picture of the entire purple item.  Your grape mission this week is to guess what this item is used for!

So…what is it?  Get our your purple thinking caps!

Post your best guess.

I’ll post the answer later on today or tomorrow.

Have a GRAPE Day!

ANSWER: It’s actually a wine or jar hanger.  You just put it around the neck of the bottle or top of a small jar. My mom hung it from the handle of her cookie jar.  Never heard of this before. I put it on my pencil holder on my desk.