Aladdin Purple Tumbler

If you live in ARIDzona, dehydration is a constant issue in the summers.  I’m normally dehydrated anyway because I don’t like water.  Over the years, I have learned to drink a little, but ONLY if it’s freezing cold, which in the ARIDzona summer heat of 115 degrees, can be difficult to achieve.

The beginning of summer every year has me out in the garage turning the fridge down to SUBZERO in order to keep the food mildly cold.  Ice cream melts on the way home from the grocery store and you’d better eat your ice pops quick or you’ll have a purple puddle to clean up off the floor.

So when it came to choosing a tumbler to keep my water, I had to choose one that is insulated and at least ATTEMPTS to keep the beverage of choice cool!  Well, Aladdin has a tumbler that does the job and it comes in purple!

I fill it with ice and then pour in water or ice tea and it’ll will keep it cold for hours!  I take my cold water to bed with me.  It won’t last all night, but it does last most of the night!

If you need a grape way to keep your drinks cold, I recommend Aladdin. I got mine at Walmart, but I found them everywhere online.  Well, everywhere but the Aladdin website.  I guess they don’t make them anymore.  Shame.

Have a GRAPE Day!