What’s the strangest purple item you ever purchased?

Have you ever bought anything JUST because it was purple?  I mean, you really didn’t need it and maybe you didn’t even want it, but it was purple so you bought it?  If not, what’s the strangest purple thing anyone ever gave you?

If you’re a true Purple Pal, no doubt you have had family members give you purple things.  Birthdays and Christmases are a sea of purple hues for you, but has anyone ever given you something just because it was purple?

My sister once gave me a purple covered tape measure because she got it by mistake when she ordered something else and they didn’t want it back.  My dad once called me over especially to give me a purple paper clip he found in his desk!

If you’re known in your family as the Purple Girl (or guy) what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever purchased or been given…JUST because it was purple?

Have a GRAPE Day!