Aussie Opposites Attract Hair Spray

Aussie promises extra strength hold and touchable feel, but I found that, while it did hold well, it didn’t feel touchable at all. Another issue with it, and it just might be the bottle I have, but it doesn’t spray well.  It’s not supposed to be an aerosol spray so I expected it to go on with less of a fine mist, however it comes out more like someone was spitting on my hair.  Some parts had a bunch of spray and others, not so much.

I do love the smell of it, though, and, of course, the color of the bottle!  It matches my shampoo and rinse which is the same brand.

You can see all their products here:

What I found funny was that the back of the bottle gives you a number to call if you have any questions or issues: 1-8-NO-WORRIES and it has a No Worries Guarantee!

Overall, as hair sprays go, I’d give it a purple thumbs up, but on its claim to having touchable hold, a big thumbs down!  On a side note, two thumbs way way up for their purple website!

Have you ever tried it?  Is the squirt nozzle the same or do I just have a bad nozzle?  What say you grape people out there?

Have a GRAPE Day!

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