Grapielocks and the 3 Purple Bears

Once upon a time, there were three purple bears, the Momma Bear, the Papa Bear and little Grapie Bear.  One morning they were all set to eat their blueberry porridge when Papa Bear declared, “My blueberry porridge is too hot.  Then Momma Bear said, “My blueberry porridge is too hot.  Finally, Grapie Bear said, “My blueberry porridge is too hot, too!”  So they all decided to take a walk in the Violet Forest until their blueberry porridge cooled off.

While they were in the Violet Forest, Grapielocks came wandering by.  She noticed their purple door was open and thought it a grape idea to sit a spell. She noticed the blueberry porridge and tried each one.  Papa Bear’s blueberry porridge was too hot. Momma Bear’s blueberry porridge was too cold, but Grapie Bear’s blueberry porridge was just right…so she ate it all up.

Next Grapielocks got tired so she decided to sit down.  She sat in Papa Bear’s magenta colored chair, but it was too big.  She sat in Momma Bear’s lavender chair, but it was still too big.  So she sat in Grapie Bears little mauve chair and it seemed just right…until she broke it!  After all, it was meant for little Grapie Bears!

Then Grapielocks got very sleepy, but Papa Bear’s purple cow-shaped bed was too hard and Mama Bear’s eggplant shaped bed was too soft.  But Grapielocks found that Grapie Bear’s bed was just grape so she fell asleep in it.

When the three purple bears returned home, they found things weren’t just grape!  Papa Bear noticed that someone had been eating all their blueberry porridge. Momma Bear found that someone had been sitting in their purple chairs and Grapie Bear yelled, “Someone’s eaten all my blueberry porridge, broken my mauve chair and there she is sleeping in my grape bed!

Well, Grapielocks woke up from dreaming about lilacs to find the three purple bears standing over her angry about the unpurple-icious nature of plumbody being in their grape home!  She ran out the purple door as fast as her amethyst shoes could carry her without even so much as a thank you!

The moral of this grape story is that you should never leave your purple door unlocked or you just might have an encounter of the very ungrapeful kind!

Have a GRAPE Day!

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