Purple JoJoisms T-Shirts NOW Available on Zazzle!

As many of you know, I have written almost 200 JoJoisms.  JoJoisms are my humorous and sometimes insightful one-liner commentaries on life.  And, as you might have guessed, a few of them are about purple.  I posted one on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page last week and got this response: “I’d love to have that on a t-shirt!”

It suddenly hit me that I could create a line of t-shirts on a site like Cafe Press with my JoJoisms on there.  Well, Cafe Press has some restrictions and NO PURPLE T-SHIRTS!  I know, what a “disa-purple-ment!”  I was grapely disappointed until I found Zazzle.com!  Yes, Zazzle has a few purple shirts.  Not white shirts with the ability to put on purple text, but actual PURPLE t-shirts!

They appear to be good quality and it’s very easy to create your own designs.  So I did!  Here are two of the grape designs with my purple JoJoisms ready for purchase and the JoJoisms Zazzle Store:


Here’s the back:
Every purple lover should get one of these!  I think you can choose whichever t-shirt and color you like so you don’t have to get them exactly as pictured.  Check out the JoJoisms Zazzle store for more.  Have a GRAPE Day!