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What’s coming in 2019

What’s coming in 2019

Since I’ve been taking on more blogs, jobs, and purple mobs (lol), I decided to make this blog a monthly event instead of weekly.  Since I already post over on the For the Love of Purple Facebook fan page daily 7 days a week, send out a weekly Grape News email newsletter, and post monthly on the Grape Times, the Grape Stuff blog, I decided to leave frazzled enough alone and post here only once a month as well.  Sound grape to you? Good because, in addition to this, I’m also now a writer for hire.

So with my plate full and my brain grapely engaged, I go forth and grapify here once a month.

Going forward, you will find Grape Products on our Grape Stuff website. I’ll be adding new ones monthly!  Here are a few:



















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