Confession Time: Am I UNpurple?

I bought something that isnt’ purple.  There I said it.  I’m so ashamed, but I just love Miche Bags and they only have one true purple one.  It’s a very dark purple and doesn’t always go when I wear pinky purples or  light lavenders.

My new Miche bag is bone and black and it was on sale because they are discontinuing this design.  BUT…I do have to point out that this neutral color will go with ALL the purple I wear because it has both light and dark neutral tones.

While at one of my latest craft fairs, I discovered Leslie at the Miche table.  She was so kind and sweet and she pointed out all the different new items Miche has like a wallet.  If you’re not familiar with Miche, you can check out her site.

Here’s how it works and why Miche is so unique.  You buy a base bag (your choice of three sizes: Mini, Classic, Big (This one is big).  Then you can get any number of different shells that attach with magnets and come in various colors, fabrics, designs and styles.  So with one purse, you can change your bag’s look in just a few seconds.  And then you have a completely different purse without having to move all your ‘stuff’ that’s inside!

Right now Leslie has several of them on sale as well as all the current colors and styles.  She’s very helpful so just contact her if you have a question.  Here are the purple Miche bags:

Phoebe is a big shell that has gold and a pinky purple color which doesn’t show up as a purple on the site.

Brianna is a big shell that has four squares of colors including eggplant.

Gayle is a classic shell that has three stripes of color, one of which is boysenberry.

Jayne is the class shell version of the Brianna, which has the four squares of color including eggplant.

Madelynn is a classic shell with grey and fuscia! I have this one and it’s gorgeous!

Sabrina is a classic shell that’s mostly yellow with orange, white and purple flowers.

Maddy is the mini shell version of the Medelynn with gray and fuscia.

I have a few others in purple, but they are no longer available.  If you see one in purple you like, grab it because it might not be available long. Have a GRAPE Day!