Cover Girl LashBlastFusion Mascara

Cover Girl makes a Color Wonderful, LastBlastFusion mascara that was fairly inexpensive and PURPLE so I bought it.   Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it too highly.

The applicator handle is really too fat to hold.  Further, the applicator itself is too fat with extremely short bristles on the brush so that the mascara doesn’t go on well.  Too much of the mascara is left on the brush.  It took me much longer to apply because most of my lashes didn’t go through the brush at all and what did ended up in clumps.

The mascara formula itself isn’t bad and comes off VERY cleanly.  I think the problem is in the applicator.  Because of this, I’d give it a one thumb’s down.

I may keep using it for now until I go back to Walmart.  I found another purple mascara there I’d like to try.  It didn’t have a chunky handle and was about the same price.  I’m going to see if the applicator is shown on the packaging.  I remember it being more normal.  If I find it, I’ll bring you that review as well, but for now, I’d say don’t waste your money on this one.

Sorry to report such ungrape news, but I calls ’em how I seez um! Hope it helps someone out there!

Have a GRAPE Day!