Dishrag Table Runner

This is The Purple Project #46!  Only six more to go til the end of my one year Purple Project challenge to myself to make one purple craft project each week.  How am I doing folks?

This week’s project is a very simple one (though I hate sewing!) and inexpensive.  I bought these dish towels at Walmart for only $1 each!  They looked so pretty that it occurred to me that I could sew two or three of them together and make a table runner.  Unfortunately I only bought two of them and this table really needs three in order for the runner to hang over the way I like.  Some tables might need several of them in order to hang over the edge in a more flowing way.  I have to go back and get another one, but I think it looks pretty good.  What do you think?

They are the same pattern as the dish towels I already have and the same pattern as the pot holders and decoration I have in my kitchen too.  Ties it in quite nicely.

Have a GRAPE Day!