My collection of Purple Miche Bags

So many of you had asked to see the rest of my purple Miche Bags after I posted one of them.  I actually have four Miche Bags, but only three are purple. They all fit my small Miche base purse with magnets, but some are flat and some fit over the base purse kind of  like a small, form-fitting pillow case.  Here they are in order of appearance in my closet.  lol

This was my first one.  It’s dark purple and has faux zippers.  This is one that slips on like a pillow case so it has a pocket on each side.

This one was my second purple one.  This shell is flat.  You sit the base purse on and attach each side with the magnets so it stays on.  It looks more “summery” as it is light purple.

This one is a pillow case one and slips on giving me a pocket on each side, but it also has a small pocket on the front as well.  It’s dark gray plastic and a very unusual pinky type purple color.

I’m working on getting the big base purse with the dark purple shell but that shell  is not available right now.

Well, that’s my purple Miche Bag collection.  Whataya think?  Anyone have a Miche bag?  What has been your experience?  Post a picture of yours on YOUR blog and post a link here to your blogpost.

Have a GRAPE Day!