FLP Official Purple Things

The official For the Love of Purple.com (FLP) color is, of course, purple.  However, I got to thinking the other day that we need to declare other things, like our theme song!  So…I decided to begin a list of them that I’ll eventually put up on the site under Fun Purple Facts or something.  Here is my list.  Can you add any more?  Leave a comment with your ideas!

Official FLP Football Team: Minnesota Vikings

Official FLP Basketball Team: LA Lakers

Official FLP Super Hero: Captain Purple

Official FLP Flower: Violet

Official FLP Flavor: Grape

Official FLP Drink: Grape Juice

Official FLP Book: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Official FLP Monster: Purple People Eater

Official FLP Poem: Purple Cow

Official FLP Sent: Lavender

Official FLP Gem Stone: Amethyst

Official FLP Bird: Purple Finch

Official FLP Song: Start Wearing Purple

Can you think of any others?  Let’s add to the list and then I’ll create a page for all the Official Purple Things

Official FLP Saying: “Have a GRAPE Day!”